Brand Development

Concept Development

We work closely with our clients to develop an authentic concept that builds value into the brand. We draw on the market research conducted that provides insight into particular indigenous characteristics that can strengthen a spa’s brand positioning and give it a competitive edge in the market. We create a specific unique selling proposition for the property and build upon that. We believe that the spa’s culture is an integral part of what creates successful spas. Our spa design and conceptual development process provide you with a customized plan that incorporates the physical layout of the spa and the conceptual ingredients for a unique spa brand.


ISM Spa cultivates successful spa branding. Each unique property undergoes intense evaluation to assess current branding techniques and future branding potential. We create a unique brand concept that provides a competitive edge and then ardently incorporate the spa brand into every facet of the guest experience. From product and service creation to subliminal design enhancements, ISM Spa supports the brand promotion and development for our clients.

Spa Concept and Branding

  • Philosophy, Identity, Mission Statement, Vision, Theme, Concept, Positioning Statement
  • Spa Name, Logo, Signage, Uniform, Brand Identity
  • Menu of Services
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Products, Equipment
  • Custom Spa Treatments