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From The Pros At ISM Spa, Tips On How To Turn Spring Hotel Guests Into Spa Guests


With warmer weather and spring break on the horizon, travel is growing busier. As hotels get reserved for sunny weekends ahead, it’s important to capture the attention of visitors and persuade them into booking a day of ultimate relaxation at the spa. Resort spas are unique as they have a built-in, captive audience of hotel guests who, if the spa is creative and strategic, present plenty of revenue opportunities. The key is to first draw guests into the spa, and then to make their experience so incredible that it fuels great referrals and repeat business. With that in mind, here are our pro-tips on how to successfully convert spring hotel guests into spa guests, just as the first buds blossom.



  • Include spa details in hotel booking confirmation communication

It sounds simple, but often hotel guests are completely unaware of the spa within the hotel. Sometimes, guests hesitate to visit the spa unless they know exactly what to expect. That’s why it’s a smart gesture to include information about spa offerings immediately in the booking confirmation email. A warm, friendly introduction to the spa is essential for guests to integrate a spa day into their travel plans.  


  • Highlight spa services at check-in

Wellness should be accessible for everyone, but sometimes hotel spas can feel reserved for elite guests only. When all guests reach the spa reception, a friendly invitation to the spa is a must to ensure each guest feels welcome in its healing environment. Within the hotel, your spa should be mentioned on all hotel collateral and signage. Leave vouchers at the front desk and concierge to encourage guests to visit the spa. We recommend creating a personalized invitation to include in the check-in process, to make the spa location, hours of operation, and contact details as visible as possible. Make sure to build relationships with all hotel employees who are in constant contact with guests, from the general manager, to the front office, concierge, housekeeping, and food and beverage staff. Share your spa’s daily promotions for other staff members to extend to guests. Invite key team members to try spa experiences. A fully integrated spa team will give you the support you need to drive more visits. Remember, you have a client base of hotel guests right at your doorstep — and we guarantee everyone would love a spa day as long as they know it’s available within the hotel.  

Guest Rooms

  • Place spa menu in all hotel rooms

Wellness should be a priority for any hotel guest, whether they’re on a local staycation, traveling for pleasure, or on a business trip. A great way to entice them to visit the spa is with healthy travel tips. Print the spa menu for each room or create a brochure that provides wellness education while away from home. Highlight popular services, include descriptions of treatments impossible to refuse, assert the spa team’s professional expertise, and reveal any unique modalities. Be sure to clearly feature the spa’s branding and contact information, which will make it irresistibly easy for the guest to get in touch and inquire about how you can improve their well-being and add value to their stay.

Spa Activations

  • Promote the spa in high trafficked areas

Another great strategy is to think like the guests — define the demographic and pinpoint where they spend time in the hotel. For instance, maybe the pool area is where guests, who would most likely invest in a spa day on their vacation, lounge, relax, and splash around in. Why not send a friendly, enthusiastic spa therapist around your hotel’s popular areas with information on the spa to truly catch guests’ attention and spark genuine conversation about its wellness offerings? Or simply promote the spa in busy areas such as the lobby, front desk, elevators, bar or restaurant, with an eye-catching spa menu, clearly demonstrated contact information, and any current promotions for hotel guests. By marketing the spa in high traffic areas, it’s seen by the highest number of hotel guests. This is effective for building brand awareness and broadcasting your spa to as many people as possible. Because it’s in such a busy area, this marketing method tends to have the highest number of views and impressions — a sure way to attract hotel guests into the spa.

By focusing on encouraging hotel guests to visit the spa during their stay, you will be better equipped to drive your spa business forward. The way you market your spa and cater to resort clientele is pivotal. The more visible and integrated your spa is, and the more creative you are in authentic marketing initiatives, the more curious guests will be to visit your spa during their spring break vacation and beyond.

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