It’s Budget Season

Four Ways to Diversify & Increase Revenue in Your Spa

Fall is in full swing, and while others are enjoying pumpkin patches and the seasonal joys of autumn, it’s time for our Spa Managers and Hotel Partners to begin their yearly budget building to ensure a solid fourth quarter finish for 2021 and a bright start to 2022.

In the spirit of “sharing is caring”, ISM is pleased to share four simple ways you can maximize your spa bookings and guest satisfaction as we close out the year strong.

1: Convenient Booking During Busy Times

In the blink of an eye, we will all be setting the Thanksgiving table and purchasing presents for the holiday season. To ensure guests don’t need to take the extra step to call and schedule a spa services or much needed R&R, it’s important your facility is utilizing a convenient online menu and scheduling service. According to recent studies presented by Salon Today, only 54% of spa and salon bookings occur during normal business hours. Make time to audit your online presence and  ensure booking options are clearly marked on both the mobile and desktop versions of your website with a clear call to action and explanation on how to book a service. Especially as we round the corner to the holidays, a seasonal pop-up with booking options on your landing page will captivate a host of potential guests.

2: Continue the Experience at Home

Stepping inside the spa for a much-needed reset is only one part of the equation. When clients step outside and re-enter the chaos of their daily lives, it’s important to ensure they are equipped with the tools and products to achieve relaxation and restoration from the comfort of their own homes. Educating guests on products pre- or post- treatment will help your brand live longer in the eyes (and hearts) of your clients.  Spas in the ISM portfolio find great success in supporting product education by our service professionals, resulting in point of sale and recurring revenue to  increase the bottom line.

3: Return the Favor

Gratitude goes a long way. There’s nothing like giving back to your loyal clients. From gift card incentives to referral rewards, your existing clients are sure to appreciate the extra kudos. Place a special emphasis on the local client base to re-emphasize your presence within the community through additional goodwill marketing. Our spa partners at R+R Wellness located inside the Grand Hyatt in Nashville established a unique loyalty program, Locals Love. It’s a loyalty program created exclusively for the locals of Nashville and surrounding areas. “Every month we create a different offering, to keep it fresh, from value-adds to product swag bags and even a discount on services,” says Robyn Peacock, R+R Wellness Spa Director. Robyn goes on to say, “Locals are our bread-and-butter, they are there when the Hotel groups aren't. The relationships you build are incredible. Call them by name when they arrive, know their slipper & robe size without asking, ask how the family is doing or remember a big occasion in their life; those little things go a long way and they feel like a VIP.”

As the holiday season draws closer, this is the perfect time to highlight gift card purchases and incentives for those buying for multiple friends and family members. With digital gift cards on the rise as the preference for millennials, now is the perfect time to research broadening your offerings.

4: Tend to Your Network 

Whether it’s a partnered night collaborating with nearby women’s health and wellness vendors or a local chamber of commerce network, there’s something to be said about having a support system of like-minded businesses. As you spend the next few months gearing up for 2022, now is the time to budget in a chamber of commerce membership, BBB accreditation, or a BNI chapter membership. The investment in local word-of-mouth exposure is even more effective than paid ads, resulting in five times more sales. 

Gearing Up For the New Year

From sprucing up your holiday gift card promotions to highlighting online booking, prioritizing process refinement and guest engagement is a great way to round out the year. At ISM, we’re here to ensure your success and journey alongside you every step of the way. By following these four simple steps, you can finish the last quarter of the year with happier clients, increased appointment bookings, and more well-rounded operations. Talk about a great way to ring in 2022!

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