Market Analysis and Feasibility

Concept Development

With the spa industry growth at unprecedented levels, understanding the marketplace in which the spa will operate is crucial to the ultimate success of the operations. Forecasting can be instrumental in determining the size, scope and direction of the facility. As spas become more plentiful and more specialized, positioning and financial viability are key elements to making sound business decisions. Market analysis is essential to determine investment parameters.

We provide a 360 degree feasibility analysis that supports our clients decision making process on the scope of their spa project. We compile industry data, analyze market trends, current and future competitive comparisons, and ascertain vital information pertaining to viability and financial performance potential of the spa.

Market Research

  • Target Market
  • Industry Trends
  • Existing Competition Analysis


  • Comprehensive Profit and Loss Statement — Revenue Assumptions, Cost of Sales, Capture Rate, Rev PATT, Proforma
  • Capital Expenditure List
  • Labor Assumptions
  • Compensation Packages