Our Models

Deciding when to reopen your spa is a complicated decision. In addition to the 2-3% increase in operational expense due to disposable PPE, spas will lose approximately 30% utilization to increased clean-up time requirements for health and sanitation practices. ISM SPA seamlessly helps our clients navigate these challenging times.

To learn more about how ISM SPA can help your spa facility, please email [email protected].

Traditional Management Model

This business model allows the client to retain the most control over the operational expenses of the spa. ISM Spa manages the spa and oversees the daily operations of the spa. The employees become ISM Spa employees and we institute our five-star spa training, management best practices, operational procedures, and guest service standards. We invoice our client for a traditional monthly management fee and build an incentive structure based on performance.

Revenue Share | Lease Model

This business model allows the client to alleviate themselves of the majority of risk associated with operating the spa facility. ISM Spa takes on the lion share of operational expenses including the payroll, taxes, benefits, operational supplies, retail products, operating products, and splits the revenue with the client on a sliding scale based on performance.

ISM SPA evaluates existing resort spa properties using sophisticated modeling software to ensure a business match and offers a new way for hotels to return to full service, faster than the competition. If your resort has 200+ hotel rooms, was operating at 70%+ occupancy, with an ADR $200+ Pre COVID-19, and you have a spa facility, we will conduct a complimentary evaluation.