The Royal Palm South Beach, Miami FL


  • Design Development
  • Creative Concept and Menu Planning
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Post-Opening Training
  • Retail Consulting
  • On-Going Management

Privai Wellness & Spa- The Royal Palm South Beach
South Beach Miami, FL.

The Royal Palms located in beautiful South Beach, Miami, Florida is the newest addition to the Tribute Collection by Starwood. ISM partnered with Starwood as the operators of Privai Wellness & Spa at this prestigious property. Discover the healing power of salt at Privai.  Naturally derived from the ocean, salt provides therapeutic benefits and offers elements which are vital to maintaining optimal health.  We incorporate these elements into your spa day for a naturally healing and results-driven experience.   Spa professionals at renew offer salt-infused treatments which utilize ancient, modern, and medicinal techniques, providing you with an array of health, beauty, and relaxation services.