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The Importance of Spa Branding

July 14, 2020 | no comments | ISM News | by: James McCauley

Spa consultants,The Importance of Spa Branding

Spa consultants have different approaches to branding. The consultants at our spa management company believe that a dynamic brand concept can deliver a distinct edge in the marketplace, especially when it is woven seamlessly into elements of the spa design and management as well as expertly incorporated into all marketing efforts. 

There are those who think a company’s brand – whether that company is a day spa, a car dealership or an accounting firm – is synonymous with having a logo and a catchy slogan. The truth, however, is far different: 

Your brand is the foundation upon which your relationship with your clientele is built.

As Steve McNamara, the creative director of and, says, “A brand is the sum of all feelings, thoughts and recognitions – positive and negative – that people in the target audience have about a company, product or service.” 

Developing a Successful Spa Brand

Your brand isn’t something that can be printed on a piece of paper, like a logo or slogan, it resides in the mind of your audience. Trust is a valuable part of that relationship you have with your audience. You can think of your brand as a promise to provide certain things, to meet certain expectations. 

According to Apple founder Steve Jobs, “Branding is all about telling your audience the same thing, all the time. This is who I am, my personality and story. This is what I look like. And this is what I can do for you.” 

Branding enables clients to remember and recognize you in a crowded market, which gives you a competitive edge – but only if your branding efforts are consistent.

The spa consultants ISM Spa, a boutique spa management company with offices in Asheville, NC, and clients all across the country, has a unique approach to branding that encompasses everything from custom spa treatments and treatment protocols to signage and uniforms. If you would like to know more about branding and the other spa management services we offer, please contact us.