ISM is a proud partner and co-founder of Spa Space, a patent-pending, new technology that connects guests and members to expert therapists at inspiring resorts. Spa Space delivers cost savings and revenue optimization for spas while delivering personalized experiences for its guests.

Spa Space is an easy-to-use new technology that empowers spas to reopen smartly and safely. It leverages technology to match expert therapists to the needs of their guests, provides a dynamic staffing and revenue management solution, and improves operating efficiencies.

Currently in Beta testing in the Southeast and coming soon to select 4 diamond resort spas throughout the US

How it Works

Unlock Access to High-End Spas

We partner with a carefully curated group of high-end spas known for their commitment to wellness and outstanding guest experiences.  We provide a flexible service model where we handle staffing and scheduling so that our partner spas can focus on creating memorable experiences.  

Tell Us What You Need

Using our Spa Space technology, our Guest specifies their wellness needs and preferences, and we build a treatment plan customized just for them. No more having to choose from a generic menu of spa services.

We Match Guest’s Needs to An Expert

Our proprietary technology then pairs our Guest with a choice of expert therapists trained specifically to address their needs. Our Guest selects their therapist based on ratings, reviews, and experience.  They then meet their Therapist at their selected spa location for a truly personalized spa experience.