Avoid the Seasonal Fall Slump

Mention Autumn and many people conjure up images of beautiful foliage, comfy sweaters and all the pumpkin spice products on the market.  However, for many, the reality is Fall brings about a mad dash to get back into the busy professional-meets-parenting schedule as children return to school. While this new season can mean a slump in appointments at your spa as less people make time to vacation, there are ways to avoid declines and even serve guests in new ways.   

As we all rush into this next phase of life and return back to the routines we’ve missed, it is so important to remind your clients to prioritize their health and self-care in the coming Fall months. Think of a change in seasons as an opportunity for your clients to make a recommitment to their wellbeing.   As the school routines settle and back-to-office pans out, guests will have their first moment of silence to rest, relax, and restore from the past 18 months of constant change. 

There’s real science to back this art of “resetting” when there is a change of seasons. In his book When, Dan Pink talks about opportunities for fresh starts, or temporal landmarks as he calls them. They include:

  • The first day of a month
  • Mondays
  • Your birthday
  • A new job
  • The first day of school
  • And of course, the first day of a new season - Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer may all serve as a temporal landmark for change.

No doubt this is one of the reasons we originated the practice of Resolutions on New Year’s Day—a new year, a new you. A fresh start.  But why wait until January when Fall can be the fresh start we all need! 

Here are three practical ways to position your spa business to serve guests as they reset routines and help your Team navigate the coming changes:

1. Anticipate the change.

Instead of planning for a dip in sales typical of the Fall months, embrace the season. With Black Friday and the holiday season quickly approaching, create a promotion that incentivizes bookings for specials that matter most to your customer base. From pre-holiday service sales to gift card bundles for proactive present purchasers, now is the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year. This is also a great opportunity to invest in your highest-return amenities and craft a signature spa package that you can use seasonally for years to come.

2. Be intentional about promotions and programming. 

While thoughtful campaigns resonate with your clientele, nothing is more off-putting than a knee-jerk Fall promotional.  Do your most loyal clients come in the morning after dropping off their children at the local elementary school or do they enjoy an end-of-day service after a high-energy workout? With just a little research, value-driven content for a well-positioned promotion will go the distance for your business this Fall. 

Also be sure to stay in the know about relevant wellness trends and research to serve as the subject matter expert for your guests and team members.  For instance, nearly 20% of American adults have noted a decline in their mental well-being according to a 2020 American Psychological Association Study. What better way is there to promote holistic wellness than with a stress-reducing and mood boosting treatment at your spa?

3. Don’t ignore a key audience. 

Who are you missing? The beauty of the wellness industry is its inclusivity. Do your local teachers need a little TLC? Are your school bus drivers and crossing guards receiving the recognition they deserve? Can you entice a local pumpkin spice latte enthusiast with a themed facial? From gift cards to a unique seasonal service, there’s always room to grow your client base with intentional outreach.

Take these three practical ways to avoid the seasonal Fall slump and utilize them to position your spa as you enter the fourth quarter. As R+R Wellness Spa Director Robyn Peacock stated, “We’re so thankful for the resiliency of our spas and wellness centers and the high standard of care they’ve continually provided. As we emerge into a new season, it’s up to us to future-proof our operations and create space to welcome in a new era of the health and wellness industry.” 

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